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Do you have career goals you want to achieve but find it difficult to follow through? Are you considering a change of career, but are not sure what direction to go in?  Is a Layoff affecting your plans for the future?
Then career coaching may be what you’re looking for.

Can a Seattle career coach help?

As your personal Seattle career coach, I become your ally and creative partner in determining what is “up” for you, both in your current position and from a complete life and career perspective. We can address immediate changes in your work directly. I have a track record for helping people get un-stuck, by asking powerful questions and offering insights of what's going on, what your part is in it, what you could do, and how you can say what needs to be said.


How much longer do you want to wait for your dream job? What is stopping you from getting help? What if hiring a career coach helped you into a career you loved that also made 30-50% more than you make now? Contact me and we will schedule a strategy session.

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